Kissy Kissy!

Developed by a grandparent and play-tested by the grandchildren who inspired it, Kissy Kissy! is a cheeky, cute, funny, Beano-esque, cross-generational 2D action game aimed at 8-10 year olds and their parents. Tiger & Bee are toddlers trying to escape kissing grandparents, working co-operatively to build hiding places, collecting points to unlock items to share.
Kissy Kissy! is family-friendly, encourages co-operative play, is quirky and fun with a serious underlying message about respecting children’s bodily autonomy. It’s a game for anyone who has ever run away from a relative intent on kissing them.

The game is evolving -we’ve gone 2.5D! Here’s a screenshot:

testing angles

Click on the pic below to see an early gameplay video – it’s coming on Very Nicely!