Lux & The Shadowmaker

Here’s a little taste of Lux & The Shadowmaker, an exploratory sort of game being developed for mac/pc and hopefully, and more immersively, for VR.  You play the game as Lux, a child who has gone out into the garden at midnight to see what the strange lights are out there, even though you know you shouldn’t. It grew from a Writing for Games course at Lumb Bank in Yorkshire, which inspired a lot of the landscape.

During the initial development phase, Lux&. has had support from Bristol Games Hub and the Queen of Code initiative (from Creative England and Crowdfunder UK) that was set up to encourage women in games development and showcase some projects.

Lux & The Shadowmaker from constance fleuriot

The project was live on Crowdfunder collecting pledges of support and offering very cool rewards until 20th December 2014, and then was in production for a couple of months in Spring/Summer 2015 until the money ran out. The resulting first draft of the game is now online here and I am working out what to do next. There is quite a list…

If you are interested in supporting further development of the game for VR then please get in touch.

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