FuseJam ~ Kissy Kissy!
Been brushing up Unity skills this weekend at the FuseJam gamesjam in Bristol. Every one played game generator bingo – two numbers gave two random words to inspire game design – ours were Comfort & Track, which after various amusing conversations turned into Kissy Kissy; help the little tiger baby avoid kisses from Grandparents by building a blanket and pillow fort to hide in with Teddy. It made sense to us…


I worked with AJMurdoch & Harry Sussams, who are such talented illustrators they very quickly made a whole bunch of lovely visuals while I tried to keep up with the coding! It was great fun even though I am still such an inexpert coder and was confused until my brain hurt. Luckily we got help from Claire, Ash and Alex and managed to make a working version of our game that almost does what we want.

We need to add more sound effects, make milk-drinking give a burst of speed, and work out why the grandparents are getting into the blanketfort (argh) but it is great to have a first draft that we all enjoyed making and can build on. As soon as we are happy with it I will upload to my new itch.io page.

Big thanks to Claire Morley, Eriol Fox & Alex Birk for organising the FuseJam – look forward to the next one.