…creating digital bindweed…

Pretty Digital Ltd was set up by Constance Fleuriot to create and publish interesting games, as well as support spaces that encourage diversity in games and tech (Grrrl Games & Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol) Other initiatives in development include Still Game – encouraging people over 50 to make games.

“I’ve always liked the idea of making games, and have developed playful apps over the years with young and old people, and now I want to make things based on my own ideas. I really got into the idea of making games myself after attending XX Games Jam in London, and since then have been involved in organising and attending a few other jams at the Bristol Games Hub. I’ve developed a couple of ideas and collaborative experimentations but nothing live and public that was just mine for quite a while…”

Pretty Digital runs gamesjams and creative sessions for all levels of experience and expertise; from short workshops to long weekends these encourage individual creativity as well as group achievement and are great for developing communication skills and team-building with participants. Constance has a long history of devising creative technology workshops and enjoys developing supportive, fun, creative spaces with people aged 5-85+! If you like the sound of what we get up to then why not buy me a coffee to keep me going?

In 2019 I am also focusing attention on my own arts practice, with a studio at Caraboo in BS3 where I am exploring how to merge my interest in creative technologies with my delight in tangible, sculptural work.

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