Pretty Digital

…creating games and other sorts of digital bindweed…

Pretty Digital Ltd was set up by Constance Fleuriot to create and publish interesting games, as well as develop spaces to encourage more diversity in the games industry. Current initiatives are  Grrrl Games, SWWomen in VR & Still Game – aimed at encouraging people over 50 into making games. Constance is also a co-founder of Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol.

“I’ve always liked the idea of making games, and have developed playful apps over the years with young and old people, and now I want to make things based on my own ideas. I really got into the idea of making games myself after attending XX Games Jam in London, and since then have been involved in organising and attending a few other jams at the Bristol Games Hub. I’ve developed a couple of ideas and collaborative experimentations but nothing live and public that was just mine for quite a while…”

The first public Pretty Digital project is Lux & The Shadowmaker, which Constance submitted to the Queen of Code initiative from CrowdfunderUK and Creative England, in order to raise funds for a 3D artist and a Unity coder to work on the project. Bristol Games Hub also supported the project by offering deskspace and mentoring. There is a very early version of the game which works in a web browser, and plans are afoot to make the VR version.



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